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Tip 2. Assemble Property Records

Gather the documents you need regarding ownership, insurance, loans, capital improvements, maintenance and fees. Consider copying documents marked with (*) for your file and placing the originals in a safe-deposit box.

Ownership Documents

Closing Statement*, Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, Deed to the Property, Inspection Reports, Title Insurance Policy*.

Insurance Documents

Fire Insurance, Homeowner's Insurance, Mortgage Insurance.

Loan Documents

Mortgage*, Trust Deed*, Promissory Note*, Payment Statement*, Property Tax Statements, Assessment Notices, Improvement Notices, Satisfaction of Mortgage*, Reconveyance Deed*.

Capital Improvement Documents

Plans and Specifications, Estimates, Contracts, Building Permits, Inspection Records, Payment Records, Invoices, Preliminary Lien Notices, Completion Notices, Lien Releases*.

Maintenance Records

Invoices, Guarantees and Warranties.

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