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Real Estate Articles on MiaDomo.com

Home selling articles

Home Selling tips — sell your own home without using real estate agents (FSBO)

This step-by-step guide explains how to sell your own house without using real estate agents (by FSBO). 

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Sell By Owner House - Eight Advantages of Selling Your Own House

The article describes some of the main financial and practical reasons for selling your own home. Knowing these arguments will help steel you against the doubts that real estate agents may try to foster in your mind as you are selling by owner. 

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How to avoid foreclosure

Some owners believe that abandoning the house is the best solution because they have no equity. Depending on your situation, “walking away” may or may not be the way to go.

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Home buying articles

Home buying tips — how to buy a real estate property

A guide to buying a real estate property without using real estate agents. 

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Buying old home vs. new construction: pro and contra

Should you buy a new construction or an used home? 

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Buying fixer-uppers tips

Do you want a home in fixer-upper condition? Read MiaDomo.com's Buying fixer-uppers tips. 

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Homeowners articles

Environmental hazards: A homeowner's guide

Asbestos, lead-based paint, radon, mold, carbon monoxide, urea-formaldehyde, electromagnetic fields: a homeowner's guide to environmental hazards on MiaDomo.com. 

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Homeowner tips

Do you want to learn about home improvement? Read our Homeowners Tips for home improvement, energy saving, home emergency tips and much more information.

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