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Real estate forms on MiaDomo.com

MiaDomo.com offers real estate forms that will save home Buyers and Sellers time and money handling every aspect of real estate sale. MiaDomo.com includes the following Real Estate Forms:

Real Estate Purchase Agreement

A purchase contract is the basic agreement and main contract between the Seller and the Buyer setting forth the price and terms of the sale of real estate property. This contract can be used by either the Seller of the property or by a Buyer wishing to make an offer.

Escrow Agreement

This can be for a full down payment or an earnest money deposit. The Escrow Agent can be the Seller's lawyer, the Buyer's agent, title company, or anyone the Seller and the Buyer agree on.

Seller's Property Disclosure Statement

As protection for real estate Buyers, laws in some states require Sellers to make complete and accurate disclosures. A Property Disclosure Statement is a basic form that discloses the general condition of the home as well as seismic hazards, geological hazards, environmental hazards (lead paint, asbestos, radon gas), and termite damage.

Lead Based Paint Addendum

The Seller of residential real property is required to notify the Buyer of any known lead-based paint hazards if real estate property was built before 1978.

Homeowner's Association Disclosure

This form will be needed if the Buyer is required to join a Homeowner's Association.

MiaDomo.com Real Estate Forms Features

Instant download. Access your form from your account any time you want. Print the contract as many times as you need. Modify forms as needed. Save your changes for later editing.

MiaDomo.com real estate forms are free for home sellers who placed their listings on MiaDomo.com.

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