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MiaDomo Voices - Our user's reviews of real estate sites and MiaDomo's articles

John White wrote about site Golf & Beach Holidays - Luxury Rental in Praia Del Rey (set rate at 5), posted 01/28/2017

Great Website, full information.

Bob West wrote about site My Home Searches - Real Estate Agents & Brokers (set rate at 5), posted 01/28/2017

MyHomeSearches.com is a great site I have joined there service and it has been great for my website

Tasie wrote about article A Few Words of Encouragement, posted 01/28/2017

I foresee a great future for MiaDomo and its team, because you all posess dynamic personalities and the intellect and pragmatic approach required to realize your stated goals!

Jitender P., Buffalo Grove, IL wrote about article A Few Words of Encouragement, posted 01/28/2017

It took 8 monthes for my neighbour to sell his home and he used real estate agent. Other owner next street sold similar home without any real estate agent for only 3 monthes. I do not see why do I need to hire realtors to sell my home, thanks for your services

Richard Barnard wrote about article , posted 07/06/2012

MiaDomo is the best!

Krist wrote about site (set rate at 5), posted 07/06/2012

Great Work!!

John W wrote about article How to sell/buy your home through MiaDomo.com, posted 06/30/2011

Thanks for allowing videos on your site!

Melvin wrote about site (set rate at 5), posted 09/30/2010

Excellent site!

Jim parkar wrote about site (set rate at 5), posted 06/15/2010

Its very good site. Everyone should visit this site. This site is all about finance which includes- loans, personal loan, unsecured loans and many more about finance.

Mary Godwin wrote about site (set rate at 5), posted 04/02/2010

When we started searching for a Home Inspector in Rosemary beach we had a hard time trying to find a home inspector with good credentials. We came across with HOMEINSPECTOR USA company we gave them a call and we are so glad we did. They provided us a detail quote however, they were not the cheapest. We decide to go with them and I?m glad we did. John Acaron provided a superb service and because of his findings we were able to save way over $25,000 from the contracted price. We give HOMEINSPECTORUSA thumbs up! Thanks John! Mary

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