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Tip 1. Determine the lowest price you are willing to accept

  • To learn the value of your home yourself, locate several homes in your neighborhood that are comparable to yours that are for sale or sold recently and inquire as to their selling price.

  • Ask real estate professionals. They may give you this information at no cost, but some real estate professionals may contact you repeatedly later in order to obtain your listing.

  • Hire an appraiser if your house is unusual or you want somebody to do all the work. It may cost you several hundred dollars.

  • Ask your title company. Usually this service is free.

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Svetlana posted 05/01/2017

You can use real estate agents to determine the price of your home based on the sale price of houses sold in your area. It takes real estate agent 15 minutes to perform this analysis and you do not have to pay him commissions. Also you can use appraisal services.



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