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Tip 5. Prepare Your Property

Follow these steps to prepare your house to show it to prospective buyers:

Make all necessary repairs before you list your home for sale by owner

Make sure all plumbing and appliances are in working order. Make sure the roof and gutters are clean and need no repair. Fix all minor exterior maintenance items, like loose shingles, split or rotten decking, torn window screens and so on.

Clean your house

Clean your house, because buyers want a clean and well-kept home. Un-clutter your home and create some space! Clutter makes a home seem smaller and therefore less desirable. Wash windows and coverings, clean the garage, un-clutter closets. If you need professional help to clean your home please look at our cleaning services section.

Make improvements

What experts recommend is to make those improvements that make your home competitive and don't add expense you can't recover. All interior and exterior painted surfaces should be clean; if worn or dingy they should be repainted. Carpeting should be clean and wooden floors highly polished. Outside landscaping should be equal or superior to your neighbors and well groomed. Updates and enlargements in kitchen and bathrooms are usually cost effective; over-improvement is not.

Some improvements may be considered more desirable in some geographical areas than in others. For example, energy-saving equipment can be cost effective in some areas and not in others. Central air conditioning is most cost effective in areas with warm summers, whereas garages are cost effective in colder climates, and swimming pools can be somewhat cost effective in warm or expensive areas.

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