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Tip 6. Market Your House!

Various methods of advertising are available, including the following:


Signs are one of the most productive forms of real estate advertising and usually reach people familiar with the neighborhood. Productive signs are often:

  • rectangular in shape and approximately 18 by 24 inches;

  • visible against landscaping or buildings;

  • simple and easy to read.

City laws and restrictions in subdivisions may limit size and placement of signs.

For more information, please read Effective Yard Signs and Buy an Attractive Front Yard Sign.


Use flags to draw attention to your signs.


Placing an advertisement in local newspapers can be a cheap and effective means of selling your home by owner.

Describe your house's key features, and don't forget to include the most important features, such as number of bedrooms and baths, price, and your telephone number. In a newspaper ad you can refer potential buyers to your For Sale By Owner property listing to find more information about your house.

Example Newspaper Ad

Below is an example of how you can use your real estate listing in a newspaper ad:

For Sale By Owner

5 bed 2 bath built in 2003 large garage must sell! More information and photos located online at or call for details: 999-999-9999.

Use your's listing # instead of xxx or refer to any other web site


Composition and effectiveness of magazine ads, and advertising rates, vary greatly depending on the nature of the magazine. Check with the magazine's staff for details.

Multiple Listing Services

The MLS is a professional service of cooperating real estate brokers who share listings and commissions. This is the most expensive type of advertisement. Read the next section, Using Real Estate Realtors Most Advantageously, to find out if it suits your needs.


The Internet can provide a wonderful vehicle for selling a home by owner since it is inexpensive and there is a wider potential audience for the sale of your home. Remember, millions of people use the Internet daily!

For more information read Eight advantages of selling your own house.

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David R. posted 04/21/2017

First 50 flyers were for my neighbours. I had to make them white and black and put no price in there

Ed P., Orlando, FL posted 04/21/2017

I ordered FSBO sign from Thanks for the reference!!

Milena posted 06/08/2007

Ask your county when they allow FSBO signs to be placed on major road intersections. In some cities in Illinois you can place FSBO sign from Friday till Sunday eve, exact time may vary from city to city. However make sure you take it off on time. It is worth doing it, because people are looking for homes on weekends

Tasie A. posted 02/01/2007

In addition to working with MiaDomo, I have employed direct methods of finding buyers for these properties, determining, in the process, that at the present the real estate market is depressed.



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