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Tip 7. Use Real Estate Professionals Most Advantageously

The price of using a real estate agent may include:

  • helping you price your house;

  • advertising and marketing your house;

  • providing all required property disclosure forms for you to complete;

  • negotiating for you the best possible price and terms;

  • reviewing all written offers with you.

If you are able to do these tasks on your own, you may sell your home without any assistance from an agent, or you can ask the realtor to perform a particular function. For example, if you need help in preparing a disclosure form or in showing your house to a potential buyer responding to your own ad or sign, you can ask a real estate agent to perform these services for a fixed fee or at an hourly rate.

For more information, please look at Negotiating the commission with a real estate agent.

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Bob Schlesinger posted 09/15/2008

Had (4) realtors with over 100 years experience. All were liars and all failed

Susie Q posted 06/02/2008

Hire a realtor to sell your home. That is their expertise. Well worth the money and takes the liability off of your back.

Nilesh K. posted 06/08/2007

Your advice helped me to sell my house $8000 over asking price. Thanks!

Milena posted 06/08/2007

Paying $500 for MLS is not such a good idea. If you did not specify commission fees there, no agent will work with you, because the first number that they see is how much commissions they will be paid if they bring you a customer- that was one of the agents told me.

TRINH, HA posted 06/02/2007

Dear Team, I believe the best way to to sell your home in this buyer's market would be exposures. I listed my property with a flat fee realtor listing online. These companies would charge you between $375 - $500 to list your house in the Multiple Listing System that Realtor agents could get access to and got their listings from. Yes, you are still selling your home the SEll By Owner style. I also put my listing on every possible sell by owner sites including and this site. Right, I had yard signs and 3 Open Houses. I did my homework and also was lucky too. I do hope the best for you. Sincerely, TRINH, HA

Philip A. posted 01/10/2007

Thanks for the advice!



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