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Tip 8. Show Your Home Successfully

Safeguard your property

  • Hide anything that might be broken or easily taken.

  • Have all viewers sign the guest register and show picture identification, such as a driver's license.

  • Accompany anyone viewing your home.

Protect people who are viewing your home

Protect your viewers from possible injury and yourself from possible lawsuits:

  • o Make walking safe by putting down nonslip surfaces on slick areas and putting away items over which viewers might trip.

  • o Lock up anything potentially dangerous that children might discover, including household chemicals and dangerous tools and weapons.

  • Childproof your yard, including decks, patios, pools and spas.

  • Lock pets in an enclosure. If they are usually quiet arrange for them to stay with a neighbor.

Make finishing touches

Finishing touches can make a difference when you sell your home; they convey to buyers the idea that you care about the home and find it a wonderful place to live.

  • Look successful. When people shop for property, they also shop for lifestyle.

  • Create a background of quiet or pleasing sounds, like soft music.

  • Make sure that the air temperature is in a pleasant range.

  • Turn on lights.

  • Place fresh flowers throughout your home.

  • Burn some scented candles.

Sell your home

  • Know the area. Be able to talk intelligently with buyers about climate, neighborhood, schools, services and utilities, traffic and transportation, tax base and zoning, local health care facilities and recreation facilities.

  • o Know your home. It gives you credibility and inspires buyers' confidence. Be able to talk intelligently about brand names and capacities of major systems and appliances, insulation in ceilings and attics, walls and windows, utility costs and property taxes.

  • o Answer all questions honestly, briefly, and confidently. If you don't know the answer to a question, say simply that you don't know but you will be happy to find out and let them know-then be sure to do so.

  • Try to understand buyers' objections by putting yourself in the buyers' place.

Complete the sale

You need to give to a potential buyer:

  • a copy of your disclosure statement;

  • copies of all home-inspection reports issued in the last 2 years;

  • a copy of the purchase contract to read (see 'Sign a Purchase Contract Form' below);

  • a request that the buyer contact a lender and be prequalified for a home loan;

  • an appointment for a follow-up meeting with the buyer;

  • a minimum acceptable home price, prior to negotiations.

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