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Tip 3. Decide what you want to live in

When looking for your new home, figure out what you want to live in: single home, condominium, multi-family, existing home vs. new construction, fixer-upper vs. move-in condition. Next is constructing your wish list and reality check. A wish list is everything you want in your home; it includes basics like bathrooms and bedrooms, school district and distance from work. Beyond basics your wish list includes your fantasies (models of kitchen appliances, Jacuzzi, etc.). After you are done with your wish list, look at the size of your family, think of your true needs and create another list - a reality check - things you can't live without. You need to prioritize items on both lists because sometimes when you look for homes you have to give up something in order to get something that's more valuable to you. If you want to eliminate a lot of disagreements and save everybody's time when looking for houses, make sure to ask your spouse to create wish list and reality check and ask him or her to prioritizing items on both lists. Combine your reality check and wish list with those of your partner. If you have disagreements - each of you eventually have to compromise on items and priorities. Also do not forget to ask opinion of your children or another family members who may live with you - their opinion may not be more important than yours, but they may give some good ideas and insight.

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