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I started to learn about real estate agents when my husband and me bought our first home. My coworkers said owning a home is better than renting an apartment, we would live in a nicer home and be able to sell it later at a higher price. They also told us we would need to get pre-approved for a mortgage to know what home we could afford and suggested to drive in the neighborhood where we want to live, watch for "For Sale" signs on homes, pick up the brochures with all the information about the homes, and call the phone numbers. And that was what we did.

I called about a few homes that we liked, and the first person that we contacted proposed that we meet with him in his office — it was a real estate agent that suggested showing a few houses in the area to us. The first home that he showed to us was too big and very expensive and we decided to look for other homes. There was second home, which I liked, but my husband did not (I liked the big rooms, and I was already envisioning where I would put which piece of furniture, while my husband saw leaking pipes in the basement and said that the house needed too many repairs). When we got to the third house, my husband and me both liked it; we felt right at home and it was very well maintained. I asked the owner about buses, places for kids to go, and schools. He said, "You know, this is such a great neighborhood! There is a bus, it stops at this corner, there is a pool and I will tell you how to buy a membership there, here is the best neighborhood for your kid, the best schools, and you cannot find a better place to live for you and your family". The owner of the home was such a pleasant person, the home was so good, and my husband agreed that we had to buy this house.

The real estate agent stood near us, waiting patiently for the owner to answer our questions. When we asked what was next, the agent said that we needed to give him some deposit money within so many days; after that, we would have to hire someone to do a house inspection. We did not know any inspectors, so the real estate agent suggested one whom he believed would do a good job. The inspector whom he recommended found something wrong with a few electrical plugs and the owners had to hire a contractor to fix it, who said there were no problems, but the contractor charged them a fee for coming and examining the house. The owners were upset that they had had to pay for our inspector's mistake. We were upset, too, and not sure how we had to split the costs they paid to the contractor. Luckily the real estate agent said he would pay the contractor's fees. I was so grateful to him for solving that problem! After the inspection was over, the real estate agent told us to go to such and such place for closing. I asked him about the closing process, what we would do there, and whether he would be there to help us. He said it would be easy, we just had to bring such and such documents with us and we do not need him at closing and it was a pleasure to meet us.

Later when I told my coworkers about how we had bought our home and how nice the real estate agent had been to pay the contractor fees out of his pocket, they said, "You do not understand; your owners were angry — they paid 7% of the home sale price to the real estate agent and he could afford to pay those expenses out of his pocket — he could lose everything if the deal fell apart!" I was shocked at how much our home sellers had paid to this agent. I felt that it was a fortune!

This idea somehow stuck in my mind and even after I continued working as a software developer, I continued to learn about real estate and read and read and read many books about how the real estate industry works. I did not come to the idea of developing a real estate website very quickly. First I wanted to become a real estate agent. I learned how to prepare for the real estate agent exams (I just wanted to be "good" real estate agent but later realized I would never make money that way and gave up this idea), then I wanted to become a landlord (but realized I would not be good at fixing apartments and did not want to be angry when people didn't pay rent), after that I tried to buy foreclosures (all those home listings on foreclosure websites are outdated. When I got to those homes and found them bought by somebody else, I realized I would never be able to find homes in foreclosure). Only after all of this did I realize I wanted to remain a software developer and develop a website helping people to sell their homes without using a real estate agent. I've read tons of real estate books and magazines and talked to many owners who sold by owner in our neighborhood. After I had gathered all necessary information about the home selling process, I decided to put this idea into real life. I was lucky to find the people who worked on the website – they are the most intelligent people I've met in my life and they did an excellent job on this site.

So we want to give people the possibility of advertising their homes online. We cannot guarantee that you will sell just by using our website, because we cannot become popular and well known across America overnight, but we do have potential buyers who search our listings and they may contact you. Do not exaggerate our abilities, but do not underestimate your ability to sell your home without anybody's help! After all, you have probably lived there for a number of years and know the home inside and out, as well as the schools, the neighborhood, the tax base and what is special about the area. If you want to hire a real estate agent, make sure you sign the right type of agreement with him, but it is better to sell your home on your own, save your money and use it to take a vacation — something you deserve after you worked hard in America to pay for your home.

I am happy to be working with a team of people who are as enthusiastic about our website as I am, and we want you to be more confident about selling your own home by learning all the steps to take to sell it and please, do not forget to please your ad at

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Test posted 11/05/2017


Jitender P., Buffalo Grove, IL posted 05/01/2017

It took 8 monthes for my neighbour to sell his home and he used real estate agent. Other owner next street sold similar home without any real estate agent for only 3 monthes. I do not see why do I need to hire realtors to sell my home, thanks for your services!!!

Tasie posted 04/21/2017

I foresee a great future for MiaDomo and its team, because you all posess dynamic personalities and the intellect and pragmatic approach required to realize your stated goals



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