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Effective Yard Signs

A sign in the yard is a good idea for most home sellers. One popular method buyers use when searching for a new home is to simply drive around exploring neighborhoods. Buyers can get a reasonably complete and accurate picture of neighborhoods from the quality and style of homes, the residents, proximity to shopping, schools, transportation, recreational facilities, etc. According to a recent USA Today survey of homebuyers, 49% reported that they initially located the home they eventually bought just by seeing a sign in the yard! If your for-sale-by-owner sign is in the yard, you’ll get the calls directly from buyers who see the sign. Whereas properties listed with real estate agencies have the agency’s telephone number; they get calls and access to the buyers.

Since many buyers would prefer not to deal with agents, the sign placed in the yard of a home offered for-sale-by-owner is much more effective because potential buyers will actually call. Why don’t buyers call on agent signs? One reason is to avoid a high-pressure sales pitch for that house or any others that the agent may have listed. Most people do not like to be “sold” something; they would prefer to search at their own pace and control the process. If buyers like what they see of your house, they will call for more information.

Characteristics of an Effective sign

An ideal sign will look professional and attractive, complementing your attractive property. It will be easy to read and provide important information. Get a professionally made sign, that is large (18” x 24”) with big, easy-to-read lettering on both sides. On the top off the sign let people know it’s for sale. Put “House for Sale by Owner” or “For Sale By Owner” on the top in big letters. Remember that the phrase “by owner” is a potent selling point with buyers. Next, put your telephone number on the sign in large, clear easy-to-read numbers. Place the sign in a strategic position in the yard sp that traffic on both sides of the street can easily see it, if possible. Also if you live embedded in a large development or “off the beaten path”, directional signs that tell buyers that there is a house for sale in the vicinity are effective. Ideally, place the signs at each choice point along the way from the main road, and direct the buyers right to their new home.

You may also want to have Fact Sheets that provide more detailed information about your home available outside near your sign. Fact sheets are especially important for people driving by who are interested in your home but need more information before they will commit to a visit. A well-prepared fact sheet will answer lots of their questions and may help keep a buyer interested. Store the fact sheets in a weatherproof canister attached right to your sign. Tennis ball cans (the clear plastic variety) work well.

We’ve heard many accounts of buyers looking with agents who end up purchasing a for-sale-by-owner property because they were fortunate enough to see the FSBO sign. It usually happens like this: buyers and their agent visit a listed property in the same neighborhood as a for-sale-by-owner. The buyer sees the sign, returns for a drive-by without the agent, calls the owner, buys the property. A good, professionally-made sign is a very cost-effective way to advertise your home. It’s always out front working for you, letting people know your home is for sale.

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Butch posted 10/02/2006

My home # 1528 sold by me. I put flyers on the for sale sign. Someone picked up a flyer and gave it to a friend of theirs. Bingo they came and looked and bought. The flyers did it. I had pictures of the outside and inside on the flyer.

Janet S. posted 09/25/2006

The best sign is the bright florescent colors, so using a florescent paint on your sign will turn heads. A dull black and white sign doesn't trigger the looking much, just another house for sale.



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