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Working with Digital Photos

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q.1. I do not know how to attach photos of my home to my ad. Please help!

A. To attach your photos to your ad, you need them in the .jpg format (digital version of your photos). If you already have .jpg files, you can login to your account. Go to 'My Ads', then 'Add/Edit pictures' and choose your files. Your photos will be posted online immediately. If you are not using a digital camera, ask at your nearest film processing center if they can develop your photos with an option to have them also on CD or online. Copy your digital photos from CD or from the web to your computer and attach them to your MiaDomo ad. If you already have photos that you want to use, ask in the nearest computer center if they can scan your photos for a small fee. If these options will not work for you, write us at and for a small fee we will scan your photos.

Q.2. I have photos of my home in digital format, but I am having a problem attaching them to my MiaDomo ad, or my photos look too small (too big) in my MiaDomo ad. Please help.

A. In order to upload a digital photo of your home to your MiaDomo ad, it must be a file in jpg format of 128 Kb or less. If the file is larger than 128 Kb, you can decrease the file size by lowering the resolution of your photo using any photo editing program (Photoshop, Fireworks, or any free photo editing program found on the web). If the photos of your home look too small or too big in your MiaDomo ad, use a photo editing program to modify the photo before attaching it to your MiaDomo ad. Usually, whatever program you use to view and save pictures on your computer will give you an option to save the file in a smaller or larger file size or in a different resolution. If you still have problems, please let us know, and we will help you make the photos of your home look nice in your ad.

Q.3. Question: I've just placed an ad and am having difficulty attaching my photos to it. They are larger than 128KB, so I'm sure that's why it's not working. I went to Photoshop for help on how to decrease the file size, but am not having any luck. My software is Kodak Easyshare - any suggestions?

A. We are not familiar with Photoshop, but we know that is one of the best programs for pictures editing. We are using Macromedia Fireworks. If you want you can download the 30-day trial version from We can tell you exactly how to decrease the size of your photos using Fireworks: there is an option Export Preview, and when you click its second tab, called File, there is a Scale option. Instead of 100%, reduce the percentage. For example, 50% will reduce the size of your picture by half. Then you hit Export and save it under a different name - here is your new picture and the file size will be smaller. Before you try to do that, you can also check Photoshop Help. They describe this procedure very well. We are not using Kodak Easyshare and do not know how to work with this program, but usually all these photo editing programs have very good Help sections. That will guide you through this process very well.

Q.4. How do I reduce my picture to 125 pixels?

A. There are 2 sizes - one is a size of picture that is measured in pixels, another is a file size which shows memory that this pictures takes. We require that file size be under 128 Kb. You can decrease the file size by decreasing the size of the picture in pixels. For that you need to use the photo editing program. Please look at our previous question on how to work with photo editing programs. If you have problems working with photos, let us know; we can help you, but we prefer that our home sellers know how to do it, because high quality photos will help customers homes sell better. Sometimes you need to experiment to make it look the best, and if you will need a second opinion, let us know (in most cases we will say that the picture of your homes should be big enough for potential buyers to see how great your home is).

Hope this will help! Team.

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