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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q.1. How much does it cost to sell my house on

A. You can advertise your real estate property on for FREE with 12 photos of your home. Your ad will remain on our site until your home is sold.

Q.2. Will my email address remain private, after I place it on your site?

A. Yes, your email address will remain private. does not use its customers' email addresses for any reason other than to communicate details regarding payment and customer service with our customers. Also, we don't sell our customers' email addresses to direct marketers.

Q.3. If you do not sell your users data, how do you make money on your web site?

A. This web site is supported by team of software developers who have day time jobs and we do not consider this web site as primary source of our income. Small revenue from google ads on our web site only covers hosting expenses and small web site fixes and enhancements requested by our users. Our web site was created to help home owners to advertise their homes without using real estate companies, that charge way to much for their services and we want to keep this web site free of charge for our home sellers.

Q.4. I did not receive my confirmation code. Please, help me.

A. We have an automated email system that sends you a letter with a confirmation code immediately after you have signed up with MiaDomo services. If you did not receive your confirmation code within 5 minutes from the time you signed up, please search your email for '' to make sure that our email did not go to any other than Inbox mail folders including Spam folder. If you need further help to confirm your account please let us know at

Q.5. How many photos I can put on to advertise my house?

A. We accept up to 12 photos!

Q.6. I do not know how to attach photos of my home to my ad. Please help!

A. Please read Working with digital photos questions.

Q.7. I do not know how to attach videos of my home to my ad. Please help!

A. If you have created a video tour of your home for sale we highly recommend to upload it on, which will help you to bring your home additional visitors from audience. videos can be uploaded free of charge in high definition format, up to 2 GB in size and up to 15 minutes in length. After you finish uploading your video on, they will give you html code which you can use to play your video on any other web site. You may want to insert this html code in the Video Tour of your home description in your Miadomo ad. We also can embed videos from other external services for free. If you have any questions about this miadomo feature please email us at

Q.8. I can't remember my password!

A. Just enter your username next to the "Sign In" button, and your username and password will be sent to you.

Q.9. Is it necessary for me to hire an attorney in order to sell my own home?

A. In most real estate markets within the United States, a title company can handle every aspect of a real estate transaction; we recommend that you contact the title company first. Many customers hire real-estate lawyers to protect their interests in real estate transactions. When selecting a lawyer, choose one who specializes in real estate transactions, and you should feel comfortable to shop around for better rates.

Q.10. How do I edit my ad and how often can I edit my ad?

A. customers can edit their home listings as often as they want. Just login to your account, go to "My Ads", and click the "Edit listing" link.

Q.11. How can I cancel my ad?

A. You may cancel your ad at any time. To cancel your ad, login with your username and password, choose "My Ads", and click the "Delete listing" link.

Q.12. What is the "Featured Ad in" section and how can I place my ad in it?

A. You can place an ad in the "Featured Ad in" section and corresponding "Featured Ad" section of your state. The cost of this service is $2.00 - a one time fee which will keep your ad in our "Featured Ad" section until your home is sold. Place your FREE Listing on our web site and follow the link in "My Ads" if you would like to learn more about this service.

Q.13. I want to become your link partner. How can i find out more information about your link exchange program?

A. Exchanging links will benefit both of our web sites by raising our search engine rankings and generating more traffic to both of our sites. To add your your site in our catalog, go to, register as a new user and place your link into corresponding region (city, state, country) and section of our catalog. If any questions regarding our link exchange program, please send us email at

If you have any other questions, comments or concerns, please contact us at 

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John W posted 05/01/2017

Thanks for allowing videos on your site



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