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Magic Bullets In Real Estate

By Dan Auito

After spending over a year and a half on writing, producing and publishing "Magic Bullets in Real Estate," a 290-page compendium of real estate advice and how-to knowledge, Auito has decided to give it away. After garnering solid five-star reviews and placement on major bookstore shelves Auito realized that the people who needed the information most often could not afford the $19.95 cover price. By giving everyone possible a chance to read the E Book Version and pass it along for free, he hopes that people will drop by and pick up a soft cover copy to give to others as a real gift from the heart. The author, investor and agent also said he is on a mission to attract thousands of visitors to his website at in an effort to further support people and protect them from what he perceives to be widespread industry abuse. Dan reiterated the fact that by giving the work away he could potentially help millions and accomplish his ultimate goal in producing the work.

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Home Buying for Dummies

by Eric Tyson, Ray Brown

Front Cover of "Home Buying for Dummies"

This new edition of America's # 1 best-selling real estate book takes the pain out of choosing, negotiating for, and buying a home. Helping home buyers save time and money, personal finance guru Eric Tyson and real estate maven Ray Brown deliver the up-to-date information people need, showing them how to: research neighborhoods and home values; select the best mortgage-including the latest developments; understand the pros and cons of buying different types of housing; assemble the right team for putting the deal together; negotiat e the best price and terms.

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