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Anonomous wrote about site (set rate at 1), posted 07/11/2009

Dealing with BuyOwner was our WORST ever!!! We spent thousand$ of dollar$ UPFRONT and only received ONE phone call from the website advertising....nothing like their ads say on TV. We have told everyone we know about our experience and advise NEVER to use BuyOwner .

Paul, Chicago wrote about site (set rate at 5), posted 07/11/2009

Zillow is neat. You have to like the map showing all the houses nearby with their appraisal prices. As far as accuracy of the appraisal it was about 7 percent less than the tax assessor appraisal. The tax appraisal value was the lowest appraisal I had seen of my house until I saw the Zillow appraisal. if I could just get the tax assessor to reduce my taxes based on zillow.

Luis Rodriguez wrote about site (set rate at 5), posted 06/16/2009

Up to date for foreclosure listings in Cape Coral and Fort Myers

jairam lukhram wrote about site (set rate at 3), posted 06/16/2009

i am looking to properties from chase bank . i am intrested to buy two family house or one family house

Marie Blanks wrote about site (set rate at 2), posted 06/03/2009

Up keep has dropped. Amenties are gone, Management does not seem to care.

Shi, Chicago wrote about site (set rate at 5), posted 04/30/2009

Thanks for this link! I switched from Nicor Gas to Ambit Energy, their program works, I got travel certificate and lowered home gas price! Also I have 9000 points now just for using my home gas and I will need only 6000 points to get their $300 dollars certificate

JM, Buffalo Grove, IL wrote about site (set rate at 5), posted 04/30/2009

Thanks for the reference!

Chicago Heights wrote about site (set rate at 5), posted 04/28/2009

What a difference a good credit makes!!! I was used to driving old cars that spent most of the time in the shop because my credit was in bad shape. Thanks to the coaching and assistance of this fine company, I am driving a reliable car now.

Tom Stephenson wrote about site (set rate at 1), posted 04/10/2009

I registered a corporation with, opting for the full package. I wanted the minutebook, seal and other supplies. They promise service within 5 business days or you get a 15% refund. It took them 21 days to complete the job. I requested the refund and they gave me a partial refund. Then when I asked for the complete refund as promised they did so, but I never received the corporate supplies I ordered. RIPPED OFF! I'm located in Ontario Canada and thought I was dealing with a Canadian company, but it turns out they are located in California. I have little options available other than to just warn others to stay away.

Jason White wrote about site (set rate at 3), posted 04/08/2009

The Cabin i rented was "Creekside Chalet" and on there website it showed a picture of the cabin and creek. When we got there the creek was not much more than a drainage ditch and we had no idea that the cabin was 20yards from a highway. We were not allowed to have a campfire. ( wich is what the kids was looking forward to) There were certain pillows you could use and couldnt use. The pictures DID NOT match up to what we got. As far as the cabin it was fairly nice. The cabin was located in town. We didnt even have to go up a mountain. The location was terrible!!! We rent a cabin once or twice a year and I Would not and will not rent from this company agian. Its like when you go to a restuarant and look at the menu and see the tasty pictures but when you get the meal its all slopped together. They may have better cabins but im not taking chance.



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