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John, New York wrote about site (set rate at 5), posted 01/11/2009

Thanks for recommending buildasign!!!

Millie A. wrote about site (set rate at 5), posted 12/30/2008

We found to very helpful in sourcing our new home in Estero. The team at Island Coast Realty was most helpful throughout the entire process.

Angie Roberts wrote about site (set rate at 5), posted 12/08/2008

Informative site - all the listings in Gulf Harbour in Fort Myers were at my fingertips.

Billie W. wrote about site (set rate at 5), posted 11/10/2008

We found our home on the Cape Coral foreclosures page of

Anonymous wrote about site (set rate at 1), posted 11/06/2008

Please read article about this company here:

Jennifer Reilly wrote about site (set rate at 5), posted 11/04/2008

I used Pro Inspect in October for a flipper we wanted to buy. I don't think Erol missed a beat. He went through the building with a find tooth comb and found a multitude of problems we never expected. Great job!!! wrote about site (set rate at 4), posted 10/03/2008

zillow is a good site for news and information. It isnt accurate when it comes to the real home values. we at specialize in lake homes in minnesota and seen a big difference in what has on their site and the actual value on the mls. Nothing beats experience in a local market.

shannon s wrote about site (set rate at 4), posted 09/30/2008 is NOT accurate in Phoenix, AZ. It is 5 to 6 months behind in calculating comps. The info is great, but not up to date

L. Corbin wrote about site (set rate at 5), posted 09/22/2008

I took a chance not using one of our local closings companies. I was impressed with how smoothly everything went. There online closing system is a real time saver. Titles and closings happened on time, with no mistakes. They obviously have what it takes to close loans on a national level. I am looking forward to organizing a business building seminar for my company

Bob Schlesinger wrote about article Tip 7. Use Real Estate Professionals Most Advantageously, posted 09/15/2008

Had (4) realtors with over 100 years experience. All were liars and all failed



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