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Selling a home — benefits of posting your property on

Advertising your home For Sale By Owner at is more effective than newspaper or real estate publication advertising, and you can update or cancel your real estate listing instantly anytime you like. Even change your photos!

Worldwide exposure for your ad!

There is no evidence that the Internet is the best way to advertise your property. If you live in a good neighborhood, sometimes nice front yard signage is enough to sell your property, and we have known people that sold their homes by fsbo without using the services of any internet companies. One method buyers use when searching for a new home that seems to work well is to simply drive around exploring neighborhoods. We suggest that first you should order an attractive, professionally made front yard sign to let people know that your home is for sale. Next, check prices for placing the ad of your home in local newspapers and magazines. However, since the Internet community grows every day, do no miss the chance to post an ad of your home on the Internet. For somebody who wants to relocate from a different city, it will be easier to find your ad on the Internet. Also, the Internet is not limited to number of words and pictures you can put in your ad and you can always direct your potential buyers to your online advertisement so they can read more information about your property. Do not be afraid to experiment. Give it a shot and see which way to advertise your home will work best for you!

You save commissions!

Calculate 6-7% of what you think your house is worth, then ask yourself: is it worth paying this much to have someone else show my house, act as a third party to negotiate the sale, and coordinate closing schedules with the lender, lawyer, or title company? Advertise your house For Sale By Owner on! Take the best pictures of your home and post them online. Your listing is FREE with 12 photos of your home and an $2 if you want to include the listing of your home in the "Featured Ad in MiaDomo" section.

Instant posting of your ad — and edit your ad anytime!

We offer many flexible options to let you customize your ad, to suit your needs and describe in detail what you have for sale. All ads on this system post instantly and can be edited or canceled at any time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

E-mail a link to the house listing to friends and prospective buyers!

Refer to your listing online using link Do not forget to offer this link in your newspaper ad and front yard sign, so people can read more information about your home online.

See statistics of your property listings!

Always know how many times your home listings have been viewed by MiaDomo's visitors.

Describe your home using your own words!

You know your home best. The schools, the neighborhood, what is special about the area and about your home — all the best details about your house. A well-maintained, fairly priced house will sell itself; your role is simply to provide additional information about it.

Create your listing here, post it everywhere!

We will automatically submit your listing to most classifieds search engines on the internet to maximize your reach across the web. Your ad will be uploaded to Google Base, Vast, ByOwnerMLS, Hotpads and more classifieds for even more free exposure!

Good luck in selling your home, and do not afraid to experiment to advertise and sell your home on your own. If you understand aspects involving selling by fsbo, you will have the best experience selling your home while saving money. For more information read Home selling tips, Eight advantages of selling your own house and A few words of encouragement.

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