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Buying a home

Buying a home on MiaDomo.com: find house of your dreams in free real estate listings database. MiaDomo.com has the database of homes sold for sale by owner, which means huge savings for property buyers.

Selling a home

Selling a home on MiaDomo.com. Sell your property by owner (fsbo) and advertise your house online!

Real estate purchase contract description

Closing costs around the United States

Before buying any real estate forms, please read this information about escrow procedures in your state. This is a general reference guide.

Real estate tips

Home selling and buying fsbo advices on MiaDomo.com. How to buy home of your dreams and sell your home by owner Read our step-by-step selling home guide and home buying tips.

Home buying tips

Advices and tips for buying a real estate property without using real estate agents.

Old home vs. new construction

Should you buy a new construction or an used home?

Buying fixer-uppers tips

Do you want a home in fixer-upper condition? Read MiaDomo.com's Buying fixer-uppers tips.

Home selling tips

Advices and tips for selling a real estate property by owner (fsbo). This step-by-step guide explains how to sell your own house without using real estate agents (by fsbo).

Eight advantages of selling your own house (fsbo)

The article describes some of the main financial and practical reasons for selling your own home. Knowing these arguments will help steel you against the doubts that real estate agents may try to foster in your mind as you are selling by owner.

Environmental hazards: A homeowner's guide

Asbestos, lead-based paint, radon, mold, carbon monoxide, urea-formaldehyde, electromagnetic fields: a homeowner's guide to environmental hazards on MiaDomo.com.

Selling in winter

In many parts of the country, selling a home during the winter months can be a challenge. Dreary, cold weather and the end-of-the-year holidays can keep buyers away and heighten fears of your home staying on the market longer than expected…

When house will not sell

A big fear in the backs of the minds of most people considering selling "by owner" is what to do if your home doesn't sell? What if you list it with yourself and, despite working hard, you simply can't find a buyer?…

Homeowners tips

Do you want to learn about home improvement? Read our Homeowners Tips for home improvement, energy saving, home emergency tips and much more information.

User's reviews of real estate sites and MiaDomo's articles

On this page you can read user's opinions about different sites and fsbo process.

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