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Why use provides the following services:


MiaDomo's users are able to:

  • Search real estate listings with a wide choice of parameters.

  • Access free information on how to buy or sell homes by owner.

Registered sellers are able to:

  • Place real estate listings online.

  • See a house listing posted immediately after completing all required information.

  • Provide contact information with the house listing so that potential buyers are able to contact sellers directly with questions.

  • Modify ad and account information 24 hours, 7 days a week.

  • E-mail a link to the house listing to friends and prospective buyers.

  • See statistics of their property listings and always know exactly how many times their home listings have been viewed by MiaDomo's visitors.

Registered buyers are able to:

  • If they like particular homes and want to revisit them later, they can save this information in their Favorites list.

  • Buyers are able to save searches and always search for new houses without re-entering search information.


MiaDomo gives users many options and parameters for searching database of homes for sale, and it also provides sellers with different options to describe their homes and to place their house listings online. provides a large choice of property parameters for searching houses online. Serious buyers can search homes by a variety of fields that satisfy their specific needs. Casual buyers can browse numerous houses, looking for the best deals. helps home sellers describe their homes with a minimal set of parameters or, if they want more description they can provide listings with as many house details as they need.

Feedback gives users all of the information that they may need about their real estate listings, including all details of the listing transaction through account information details and e-mail notifications.

Customization gives users options for customizing their experience. We are making shortcuts for users, saving them the time of entering repeat information or preferences. We remember users' search criteria, we keep user preferences in our database, and we customize the site every time users log in.


Home sellers are able to:

  • Access tips on how to sell homes by owner.

  • Access affiliate programs, including online applications for mortgages, neighborhood research, and more.

Home buyers are able to:

  • Access a step-by-step guide on how to buy a house.

  • Access our affiliate programs, including online applications for mortgages, neighborhood research, and more.

Improvements continuously changes its web site, adding new features to improve its customers' experience. The following services will be available in the near future:

Sellers will be able to:

  • Add more pictures to real estate listings.

  • Access more tips on how to sell homes by owner.

  • Enjoy improved listing appearances and more options to describe their homes.

Buyers will be able to:

  • Receive e-mail notifications about new houses that appear on the market, buyers will be able to specify property parameters and frequency and duration of updates.

Property seekers and sellers will benefit from the ease of site navigation, flexible property search capabilities, simplicity in placing ads, having a much larger choice of properties since the information will be public and not held by a few real estate individuals who make fortunes by having access to this information.

In addition, we want to provide more online information to educate people about real estate, give suggestions, guide them through the process of buying/selling and refer them to the network of specialists. These specialists include inspectors, appraisers, title companies, lawyers, movers, and companies specializing in home repairs.


To win the trust of online users, our privacy policy is posted on our web site. We want to let users know what type of information we collect from them and why, and assure them that this information will not be shared with third parties under any circumstances.

Support is here to help. We have help links that are accessible from any page in our site, and different options for support, depending on our customers' individual needs.

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